How to Halloween Naturally!!!

October 22, 2017



Of anytime of the year, this is the time to not take yourself too seriously, it's Halloween! It's time for tricks, treats, and fun costumes! We often, during this time, throw all rules out the window and just let loose. However in keeping with our natural vibe, this year we thought we'd look into how to do Halloween Naturally......when it comes to makeup, of course!  


We researched brands out there that are still having fun but trying to leave the chemicals out of it. You could say, "hey it's only one night", but if you have little Munchkins at home it could be all month long.  From school functions, parties, and of course the night of, this could mean multiple applications.  So here are a few brands out there to help you and your Munchkins have all fun and no worries!





  • Offer All Natural Face paints

  • 5 color sets available for $16.95

  • Made with organic ingredients

  • Ingredient breakdown & explinantion

  • Go Green Face Paint 

  • Unavailable on Amazon as of the date of this post





  • 15 color palette for $26

  • 6 different kits from  $8.50

  • 14pc kids kit for $22.95

  • 15pc party animal kit for $29.95

  • princess/tiger/army/witch/etc 

  • ships in 48 hours

  • lead free and paraben free

  • 2/3 on the EWG scale of toxicity (1-10) Skin Deep 




  • 100% Vegan Eco Friendly Face Paint 

  • No heavy metals/parabens/phthalates
  • No formaldehyde or animal products
  • Certified non-toxic
  • $19.50 on Amazon





So this last one is going to come with a bit of a caveat. In researching this brand we found that they have a wide range of products offerings up to and including theatrical make up, all of which are not natural and non-toxic. However their line of Aguacolor liquids are said to be made without harmful heavy metals and no metallics.  This particular products also contains parabens.  In the spirit of not taking ourselves too seriously we decided to add this one because it doesn't contain heavy metals. 


  • Highly pigmented

  • for serious costumes

  • long lasting

  • smudge proof

  • wahes away with soap and water

  • serveral color options

  • metallic effect w/o Metallics 

  • pricey kits: starting at $39.95 

  • colors sold individually AquaColor 




We constantly strive to only make suggestions of completely natural products but even now they're are some areas where they're very few options available.  As with anything use caution and make informed choices. 


Hopefully we've given you some great options to have fun with kiddies and the girls so you can Halloween Naturally! 






Be comfortable in your skin

-Team Shia


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