How these 7 oils can benefit your skin.

October 2, 2017



In last week's blog we began talking about how using oils on your face isn't a crazy idea and which ones to consider. This week we'll continue on the same path; introducing other unexpected oils into your vocabulary. Let's get right to it!





This has concentrated levels of Vitamin E, Carotenoids ( gives the fruit or vegetable its vibrant color), and anti-radical compounds. The daily application of this oil helps to prevent the onset of the marks of ageing and counters the often excessively quick dehydration of mature skin. It also brings relief to skin that has been exposed to the sun for too long.  




This oil helps to prevent sunburn and is excellent for post- exposure treatment. It helps restore suppleness to dried out skin. This oil is best applied in the morning for a radiant completion all day long!




This oil is gentle, ordorless and clear. It protects the skin from stress and dryness and can be used everyday! Ithis oil soothes chapped and damaged skin. This oil is also great for dry and dull hair. 





This bright green tinted oil may have a familiar scent to some of you. However this oil does wonders for the skin as well as the umm....mood ;). This oil has a high concentration in linoleic acids, which makes for a light oil that's great in helping to balance oily skin. The Omega 6 and 3 help stimulate the epidermis and help it resist the damage to the skin by free radicals. Hempseed oil also calms redness and irritations. It helps smooth out facial features and soothe the epidermis.  




Not just good for your diet, but also your skin! This is an excellent anti-aging oil. Chia seed oil is rich in fatty acids. "Chia" means strength so know doubt it works great for taking care of mature, sensitive or dry skin types. It is best applied at bedtime. 





This oil is rich in fatty acids, specifically Gamma-linolenic acid, which has a calming effect on irritated skin. This oil is also equally effective against dryness. Using this oil on mature skin it will gain elasticity and tonicity from nightly bedtime application. 




Harvested by hand this oil wards off dryness and loss of elasticity in the skin. Rich with Vitamin A and E and packed with anti-oxidants that when applied to the skin helps calm and reduce inflammation while also providing moisture. 




These 7 oils are just a few of the many oils out there that can soothe, moisturize, nourish, and heal your skin. Next week will highlight the last few oils that we believe are incredibly important to your skin care routine as we prepare our skin for the cooler months of fall and winter. 



Be comfortable in your skin,

-Team Shia

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