May Flowers Series: Lavender

May 28, 2017




Good ole trusty Lavender! 

Lavender is that flower everyone has either heard of or is somewhat familiar with. It's the all round plant that we should all have in our skin care routine in some capacity. 


Whether you prefer using its Essential Oil for more concentrated topical applications or if you just prefer using dried and fresh versions of the flower.  This week's blog ends the May Flowers Series with plenty of ways for you to incorporate Lavender into your daily skincare routine. 


A little History.....

Lavender is often talked about as the first plant to be used for therapeutic purposes introducing the term "Aromatherapy". It was famously written that Maurice Gattefosse, one of the founders of Aromatherapy, discovered the therapeutic benefits of Lavender after being burned in a gas fire at his perfumery. Although back then doctors had been using essential oils to treat wounds on soldiers in the field for quite some time; Lavender had primary been used most frequently in perfumes. 


Lavender is a member of the Mint family, there are 47 different species of Lavender and it's pretty much grown all over the world.  For the purposes of skincare we will be highlighting Lavendula Angustoflia, which is the most commonly found species. In addition to the many different species they're are also hybrids and clones. When purchasing the Essential Oil make sure you're getting Lavendula Angustoflia for skincare treatments and for safety purposes, if your pregnant or breast feeding always check with a Physician before using Essential Oils.  



Skincare Benefits of Lavender 



Lavender is known to be calming and sedative but it also does amazing things for your skin. Here are some natural therapeutic properties and how they can benefits your skin. 



Anti-bacterial- great for treating Acne, inhibits the bacterial that causes the initial infection. 


Antiseptic- helpful in treating skin disorders such as Psoriasis, and improves the formation of scar tissues. 


Anti-inflammatory- relives itching, inflamed skin conditions, Eczema, overall calming to the skin. 




How to incorporate Lavender into my skincare routine?




Scrubs & Baths


Easiest way to incorporate Lavender is to throw dried of fresh Lavender flowers into your bath. So simple! Relax and enjoy!


A quick way to exfoliate and soothe your skin at the same time is to add 21 drops Lavender Essential Oil and dried Lavender flowers to some brown sugar or Epsom salt with your favorite oil and make your own body scrub. 



Face Masks


Obviously here at Shia we love making Face Mask so here's a quick way to make your own at home. Keep in mind you can change up the oils and flowers according to your skin needs. Here's one for a nighttime Acne fighter. 


-2T (tablespoons) of French Green Clay( good for sensitive skin)

- Crushed dried Lavender Flowers ( use mini chopper or mortar and pestle)

-Jojoba oil, just pour to desired consistency 

- 7 drops of Lavender Essential Oil


Mix away! Apply to skin and neck, leave on skin for 10-15 minutes, rinse with warm water or wipe away with a warm towel. Follow up with your favorite nighttime moisturizer. 


Lavender Tea


There's no more important sleep than Beauty Sleep, so try having a little Lavender Tea Night Cap!  Lavender is known to Be a natural sedative which can promote restful sleep, reduce inflammation and lower skin irritation. 


There are many versions out there on the market but it's also quite simple to make your own. 


All you need for your beauty tea is a tea ball and some dried Lavender Flowers!  Find your local herb shop and have them mix something wonderful together for you. 


As a bonus Lavender Tea will also relive stress, improve mood, and soothe stomach bloating. 



We hope you've enjoyed the May Flowers Series! Stay tuned for The June when we'll be bringing you more info and tricks to improve your skincare naturally. 




Be Comfortable in your Skin

-Team Shia



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