May Flowers Series:     Hibiscus

May 11, 2017


Hibiscus is one of those Flowers you should have around in every form, whether it's dried, fresh, in tea form, or in your skin care products. Hibiscus has many medicinal and skin care benefits from lowering blood pressure to firming skin and boosting cell regeneration.



Hibiscus is a beautiful plant that thrives in mostly in Tropical climates. It's the National flower of Hati, the Stare flower of Hawaii, and Red Hibiscus is said to be the follower of the Hindu Goddess Kali. Hibiscus also grows in so many beautiful colors from Red, Yellow, White, Purple, etc. As with all the many color variations Hibiscus has just as many benefits for your hair, skin, and overall health. 


Here are just a few of the amazing benefits Hibiscus offers your skin and simple ways to incorporate Hibiscus into your daily skin care routine. 




Skin Benefits of Hibiscus


- Anti-Aging

- Cleansing 

- Exfoliating 



Anti-Aging- Hibiscus is rich in antioxidants that help reverse the damage caused by UV Rays, dust, pollutants, and diseases. 


Cleansing- Hibiscus has natural surfactants called Saponins that can help cleanse your skin naturally and promotes shedding of dead skin cells safely which makes it a great choice for a natural cleanser. 


Exfoliating-Hibiscus natural organic acids help in removing dead skin cells which can be a great addition to DIY scrubs. 



How to use Hibiscus in your skin care routine.


- Facial Steam

- Oil Infusions

- Tea Blends




Facial Steam- doing facial strand at home are quick, easy, and effective. This can be done with many different dried herbs and Hibiscus is great for firming and toning the skin. 


Bring 3 Tablespoons of dried Hibiscus in 1cup of water to boil, let simmer for 15 minutes, place liquid in a medium sized bowel, drape a towel over you head, and soak up the steam. Make sure you do his on a freshly washed face. This is an amazingly relaxing method of refreshing your skin while getting naturally helalthy skin benefits. 


Oil Infusion- These are always a great go to but do require planning. Submerge a healthy amount of dried Hibiscus cover in your oil of choice, and let sit for 3-6 weeks. Strain and this can be used for your hair and skin. It's a great way to add nutrients to your skin care routine. 


-Coconut Oil (fractionated) is good for hair

-Grapeseed Oil good for body and hair 

-Olive Oil beat for body during the drier months

-Jojoba/Avocado Oil is great for the face 



Teas- Always a great choice without much preparation or thought. Try sticking with Organic options and loose leaf blends. If you have a local herb shop, have them create a blend for you. Hibiscus can be a little bitter so it's best blended with black tea. You could also try something different like elderflower and orange peel. Herb shops are great because you can purchase herbs by the ounce, get great information on different herbs, and you can be creative with your blends. 


Again with all this new found information the point is to find easy ways to incorporate all things natural into your daily routine with ease and confidence that your benefiting your skin along the way. Hopefully you're finding that it's much easier than you thought and you've come up with ways to have a little fun with it all.  


We hope you're enjoying the blog and don't forget to share and follow us on Instagram: Shiaskin and Twitter @Shiaskn and don't forget.......



Be comfortable in your skin

-Team Shia







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