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April 18, 2017


Believe it or not what we eat contributes to how we look and not just our waistlines. Healthy eating has a direct impact on the health and look of our skin. Sure makeup can cover up and some skin care products can "care" for our skin, however that alone can't fix underlying problems. Sometimes simply changing up your diet can effect breakouts and dull looking skin. Skin feeling extra dry? Sure lotions and creams can help but adding a few more ounces of water a day can do much more. Hydration works from the inside out.  


We hear it all the time, "eat better, feel better", but what if you could eat better to look better. Yes eating better can effect how you look.


Here are a few foods to help you along the way. 


Dark leafy greens


Eating dark leafy greens provides the body with a detoxifying boost of Chlorophyll, which rids the body of harmful environmental toxins and aids the liver in detoxification. 


  • Parsley- supports liver & kidney functions, metabolism booster, and removes toxins

  • Arugula- improves circulation, blocks environmental toxins, contains vitamin A which aids in healthy skin

  • Kale- rich in Vitamin C which prevent aging, Vitamin A which repair tissues underneath skin, iron which helps prevent skin diseases 

  • Spinach- rich in antioxidants which prevent skin problems, rich in iron fiber and Vitamin E which is great for your skin 

  • Swiss Chard- full of antioxidants which help reduce free radical damage within the body which slows down the aging process


Citrus Fruits


Making sure you incorporate citrus into your diet is incredibly beneficial. Citrus fruits aids the body by flushing out toxins and jump starting the digestive tract. The Vitamin-C in citrus fruits also repairs collagen. Lemons help support the liver and kidneys in cleansing and is best to have first thing in the morning in a glass of warm water. Adding citrus can be pretty simple. Add fresh citrus to your smoothies or by making your own salad dressings. 

Combine your favorite citrus and oil to make a simple dressing for your salad. 





Not only is this great for fighting off colds.... and Vampires, but Garlic also stimulates the liver into producing detoxification enzymes that filter toxic residues from the digestive system. It's also an anti-inflammatory said to bring relief to Psoriasis. Try adding fresh minced garlic to your simple salad dressing for added flavor. 


Super Seeds!!


These little powerhouses provide us with minerals, vitamins, healthy fats, protein, fiber and more. Try adding these to salads, smoothies, or alone as a snack!


  • Flaxseeds- (ground for better absorption) rich in fiber and can lower high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 

  • Chia Seeds- rich in Omega 3's, fiber, contains more calcium than milk

  • Sunflower- richest source of Vitamin E and protects from sun ( UV rays) and skin damage

  • Hemp Seeds- Vitamin E, Omega 3's and reduces inflammation 


Raw Honey


What is the only food that contains everything that's needed to sustain life? This includes vitamins, minerals, enzymes, water and it never spoils... yes Honey! 


  • Honey is moisturizing which boost skin complexion 

  • Antibacterial which can treat acne

  • Rich in antioxidants which slows down the aging process


A great natural sweetener and substitute for white sugar. Do you suffer from seasonal allergies?  Eating a tablespoon of local (harvested within a 40 mile radius) raw Honey a day can help you build up the antibodies to naturally hault your seasonal flair ups. 


Plain Yogurt 


Yes, plain.... sure this doesn't sound very exicting but trust us, this can be so much more than just plain yogurt. First off you can add your favorite fruit and natural sweetener( raw honey is a good start) this means you can control what goes into your yogurt. The pre mixed store version may end up adding more sugar to your diet than you'd like.   It's also a good idea to try sheep and goat's milk varieties as a substitute to cows milk or try a non dairy version such as coconut. Just watch the ingredients list to make sure you're not getting too many synthetics and "natural" flavors. 



  • Plain yogurt can help prevent high blood pressure

  • Adds healthy probiotics to your diet

  • loaded with vitamins

  • Can help you recover from a hard workout

  • great source of protein



Most of us roll our eyes when hearing things like "eating clean" or "healthy eating", it just sounds like trying to do so will be too much work. These are warily accessible foods and quick ways to add them to your diet.  Besides not doing it can leave your feeling sluggish and leave your skin looking pretty dull. 


Try incorporating some of these foods into your diet. Even if you pick one and do it everyday it's better than talking about changing your diet for the next few months and doing nothing. Eat up and take care of your skin at the same time. 





-Be comfortable in your skin

Team Shia


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