What do you know about Frankincense?

March 17, 2017


Where to being with this exceptional Essential Oil? At Shia we are quite fond of this one, It's a love affair really. 

Beyond the tales of Cleopatra's extravagant use of Frankincense, it once being more valuable than gold, or the Ancient Egyptian women using it to make kohl,(black powder used to paint their eyelids black), Frankincense has a romantic story to tell and it does wonders for your skin!


There are five different species of Frankincense.  Boswellia Sacra, which is the type we'll discuss here, is a small shrubby tree that can grow up to 25 feet. It's highly aromatic due to the resin contained throughout. It is grown in desert areas such as Somalia and the Arabia Peninsula.  The Essential Oil is distilled from the resin (sap) that is extracted from the trunk of the tree. The tree doesn't start producing resin until the tree is about 8-10yrs old. It's a strong, sturdy, and resilient tree that sustains harsh conditions to survive. Its aromas are clean, fresh, earthy, and woody. Perfect for calming and grounding you as you experience it's aroma. 


  • Wound Healing
  • All Around Healer
  • Calming
  • Meditation 
  • Grounding



THE POWER BEHIND FRANKINCENSE As it's been stated before Frankincense is a resilient Essential Oil that faces incredibly difficult conditions to survive. It literally grounds itself to whatever soil it's in to protect itself, up to and including solid rock! This tree powers through and survives the desert! This has profound effects on the energy that comes through its Essential Oil. Energetically, Frankincense has been said to have profound effects on the spiritual well-being of those who use it for meditation, contemplation, and prayer. It's said to smooth the flow of stagnant energy and can help alleviate feelings of worthlessness, self-destruction, and anxiety. It's really a beautiful Essential Oil to have in your arsenal. 


Short answer, Yes!!! 

Frankincense is one of the most effective essential oils for skin care. It is known to heal scar tissue, soothe dry/irritated skin, is great for mature skin, minimizes wrinkles and can help prevent them. Overall it has amazing anti-aging benefits and is also good for eczema and acne. 

This opens the door to countless possible creations utilizing Frankincense.

Here at Shia we definitely Frankincense is an Essential ingredient in our signature synergy blends that go into many of our handmade products. One of our favorites, The Beauty Bar Daily Face Mask, which you can learn more about by going to our site, www.shiaskin.com. 

We love Frankincense so much that we're always trying to find new ways to incorporate it into our product line from serums to body oils. 

This Essential Oil really does work wonders. 

Try it in your own DIY creations for added benefits. If you'd like to purchase Frankincense check out www.stillpointaromatics.com they have a few different versions and we absolutely adore them! 

To learn more about how to shop for oils check out our blog,"How Essential is that Oil", to help you navigate the world of Essential Oils. 

We hope you're enjoying the blog and don't forget to subscribe/follow for updates! Next week's blog is all about Ylang Ylang! 

Be comfortable in your skin

-Team Shia


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