Where are you getting your supplements?

February 16, 2017


In last week's blog I talked about the importance of getting Vitamin D daily but especially during the Winter months. Getting the proper vitamins overall is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  The best sources of vitamins and minerals are in Whole Foods therefore your diet is extremely important. What if you don't like certain fruits and veggies that provide vital benefits? What if those fresh fruits and veggies aren't always available where you live? And lastly what does this have to do with my skin care routine? 

Whole fruits and veggies is always your best bet but here's an alternative when you can't get all that your body needs when it needs it, supplements.

Now shopping for supplements can be overwhelming and most of the time we choose what's on sale or whatever the sales rep suggests. This may not be the best way to make sure we're getting what we need. 

Well as promised here's the profile on one of the supplement companies I suggested last week, Standard Process. This is not a sponsored blog by any stretch of the imagination. I came to find out about Standard Process through a friend who has been using their products for over 17 years.  After talking to her and doing my own research I came away with a completely different outlook on how to shop for the right supplements. 

So quick points on Standard Process:

  • Family owned for over 80yrs
  • Certified organic farmland
  • Zero GMO seeds used on farm
  • Company funded Clinical research to establish safety and efficacy 

The coolest thing about this company is that 60% of the plants they use to make their products come from plants grown on their company owed, certified organic farmland. They take great care in cultivateing each of their 35 crops from seed to final product.  This is incredibly beneficial because you're getting your supplements directly from the source.  At Stardard Process their philosophy is the best sources of vitamins and minerals are found in Whole Foods and their goal is to provide nutrients as they are found in nature.  What we put in our bodies is incredibly important. It's something we all know but sometimes find it hard to stick to even though we know the overall benefits. I will admit that I thought all supplements were created equal and any old one will do. Yes you can get them anywhere but if you really think about it, as with most things you get what you pay for.  If the entire point is to get the proper nutrients then you should look for a company that is doing the best to make sure they're providing that and putting their money where there mouth is. 

Well at Standard Process, It's their whole philosophy! The have spent years studying the effects of whole foods and more specifically their products work on the human body. They do clinical trials in humans to help enhance and support the many ways their products help patients. Additionally they collaborate with academics, chiropractors, naturopathic physicians, medical doctors, and other health care professionals to work on studies as well as providing feedback and collaboration on case studies. I find that incredibly impressive. 

What does this have to do with skin care? Everything!!! What you put into your body is what you get out of it. When your skin looks sluggish and pale or it's unusually dry and itchy. Sure it can be the weather or you're  in need of a day at the beach ( sounds amazing right now) but it's also possible that it's a sign of an underlying issue. Nothing detrimental but important. Simply rubbing some lotion on your body or touching up with the latest bronzer is a temporary fix and you need to look a little deeper. 

Most of our skin conditions are symptoms of a poor diet, stress, and lack of proper nutrition. You can help create that beautiful natural glow of yours from within by taking that extra step to give your body what it's craving, nutrients!  

I hope you find this helpful and encourage you to take a further look at this company that I believe is really doing it right, for the good of nature and you. www.standardprocess.com

Be comfortable in your skin

-Team Shia

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