The Spice of Life

November 5, 2016


You know that moment when you feel like owning the night?

That inspired me to create my very first bar and I wanted that feeling to permeate throughout it.


Where to begin? As to not give away all my secrets or expose too much of my geeky ways I will just say this.... Morocco, just hear me out.


When I think of Morocco, after my initial thought of when am I booking my ticket and who's coming with me, I think of spices!! As someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. I enjoy exploring new and interesting spices in my cooking.  Like many of my ideas I am always curious to try cross over techniques. For example I use a lot of infusions in creating my skin care products, which is a technique I use a lot in cooking, so why should spices be any different?

Lucky for me they're not.


Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon heard of them?  All one needs to do is go to Pinterest to find  hundreds of pins using these spices as natural remedies for so many things. Since I like a challenge I decided to go for it! The end result is the Shia Beauty Bar.


It's everything that embodies my idea of Morocco. From its clay, spices, elegance, and culture.  I wanted this bar to represent beauty in its best form. Regal, sophisticated, diverse, multi-dimensional, and its longevity. It provides all of your skin needs: Moisture, firming, cleansing, brightening, and so much more.

This bar speaks to that quiet confidence and strength that all women embody. It's my signature bar for that reason.

At Shia when we say," be comfortable in your skin", this bar is the reason.  It's your go to dress. it's that pair of skinny jeans. It's that moment when you catch yourself in the mirror and say "oh, I see you!"  We know you're going to conquer the world we just want to be in your arsenal.


Always working, sign up for updates.


Be useful, Be kind

-Team Shia

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