And they say you can't go home again!

October 18, 2016



Ah home.....When I think of home, I think of a place where...wait, that's a lyric to a song. Sorry back to business. Okay! Home makes me think of comfort, laughs, tradition, all those fuzzy feelings we see in the movies. I'm so one of those people and it inspires me to create. How does that translate to skin care? Good question! The short answer, Oatmeal. Yes, I said Oatmeal.  Oatmeal is a classic weather you're talking about breakfast, cookies, or yes even skin care. Oatmeal has been used for many years to treat all sorts of skin ailments. Eczema, skin allergies. psoriasis, dermatitis and sensitive skin. It's also in a lot of personal care products. Oatmeal is that soothing classic go to that was always in your grandmother's repertoire. Its been used as a mild cleanser or scrub which is perfect for sensitive skin. A good moisturizer due to the humectant properties of lipids and its protein content, which draws moisture to the skin. And most notably soothing sun burnt skin. Ever have an Oatmeal bath after a day at the beach as a kid?


Did you know that it has anti aging benefits as well? Due to the anti-oxidants oats can help reverse the damage caused by UV rays, pollution and harsh chemicals on your skin.  This is when I get really excited and the creative process begins.


There are many products on the market with Oatmeal as it's featured product ; whole product lines dedicated to it and now we know why. I wanted to create a product dedicated to that comforting tradition that I associate with Oatmeal. I wanted it to feel warm and soothing to the skin, while moisturizing and  nourishing your skin all at the same time. So I created what I describe as that cozy sweater or the nightly treat you have once you're warm and cozy in your home after a long stressful day. After your crazy workday or crazy workout, you settle into your couch with that treat you have when no one is looking. This bar will give your skin all the comfort it needs. It may not be a glass of wine or the yummy cookie you allow yourself every once in a while but it will make your skin feel good.  It's that sweet moment that takes you back home. An oldie but definitely a goodie....

yummy goodness coming soon, sign up for updates


Be useful, be kind

-Team Shia







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