The Natural Trend

March 1, 2016


As my mother would say, "that's nothing new, we used that when I was a kid".


I will admit that more often than not I rolled my eyes at that very statement.  When I told her about a ingredient I was using or something I "thought" I discovered, I wasn't interested in hearing, "that's old news!!!" However after a while it made me think...."why isn't everyone using it?"


Throughout my life I've instinctively kept things simple in my skin care regimens, partly because of my sensitive skin and mostly because I was in my twenties and didn't feel the need to worry about such things. Then I turned 30! On one hand I was totally cool with it, excited that I would finally be taken more seriously as a human. Unfortnately my skin freaked out!!!! I had never had a breakout in my teens, yes I know it's obnoxious, but what seemed like hours after turning 30 my skin gave me the middle finger salute.  Initially I thought this will be over in a few days.  Nope, try a year! I had the worst breakout of my lifetime that year.  I tried everything, I purchased every over the counter, infomercial, and anything pitched to me by a fresh faced celebrity.  I believed all the claims and reasoning put forth because it sounded logical.  What didn't sound logical was my mother's anecdotal stories of what my great grandmother used for 90yrs.  It never set with me because she always used to take in terms of "she never had wrinkles".  Well my issue was pimples and ignorantly I thought that was just something that you went through as a teenager and that I just got lucky.  I'm not going to go into all the science behind acne and hormones etc, etc, but once I understood the symptom I was able to fight the result.....and my Mother was right! (major eye roll)


All the natural remedies used by my Great grandmother worked for all types of skin care issues. So I dug a little deeper, if this stuff worked why wasn't everyone talking about it? So I kept digging, and then started trying natural remedies. How did they compare? Honestly, better! My skin looked better, felt better, and I had less issues. Is it possible it was all just hormones and it was bound to happen and to happen again, maybe. However knowing what was going on my skin and ultimately into my body was more important than just vanity, and it worked!  


Now that the "natural thing" is trendy, we are bombarded with labels like "natural", "all natural", etc  I will be the first one to say that I think its amazing that people are starting to take better care of their skin.  It's something I've advocated for years now to my friends, family, and strangers.  Unfortunately those terms aren't regulated by the FDA so anyone can say their products are natural. Yikes!  I could go on and on about this topic but that's another post.  I've said all this to implore you to pay attention to the labels. Read the ingredients and ask questions! There are sites out there that do many studies on big name brands to help get the info out there. is a great one.  A quick google search and you can know all you need to about the very products you use everyday.



Natural may not be a priority for you, however incorporating it in your life if only a little can make a huge difference. Stay informed, it's only skin.


Be useful, be kind

-Team Shia




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