Face Mask Craze

March 15, 2016





Mirror Mirror one the wall who's the fairest of them all? Face masks....where to start?  Face masks have taken over the conversation these days. You can't open a magazine or walk into a drugstore without running into 500 types of face masks. They are everywhere (we've tried most of them) The peel off, the one time use, the ready to use creams, the DIY, or you just go to the spa, you name it we tried it! Who can resist a spa like treatment that is the face mask! They're relaxing, fun to do with friends, and darn effective. 


But seriously where do you start??? Ok so you know your skin type, then you move on to known brands, or you make one yourself, and the trial and error process begins. Well that sounds scary, I mean we are talking about you face here.  This is where we really push the natural option, because it's your face! It's easy to grab the quick 1x option to give it a whirl for  you newbies but it's important to know what's in your choice. The skin on your face is the most sensitive and delicate, the ingredients are important. (It's often best to test these treatments on the inside of your elbow because that skin is the closest to the skin on your face.) Let us quickly breakdown a face mask.


-First they have some type of clay. Clay is usually the main ingredient because it naturally draws out impurities in the skin, it acts like a magnet.




-Next you'll have some sort of moisturizing agent or ingredient because clay is naturally drying due to its make up that your skin will need to replenish the moisture.


-Lastly a fragrance. In most cases products use of fragrances is purely ornamental because we like things that smell good. Unfortunately these fragrances are nothing but manufactured versions of things that naturally smell good. These ingredients are all chemical and not regulated. https://blog.honest.com/fragrance/



Now there are many formulations out there that give you added benefits and are designed for all types of skin issues, these are the bare bone basics.


After trying many brands on the market we discovered the good, the bad, and the scary!!! Most of the brands out there are too harsh to use more than once a week and going to the spa for weekly facials isn't a treat most have the time to indulge in.  We believe going natural is the best bet for your skin. DIY options are everywhere and are great but again time is always an issue.


So here at Shia we decided to make our very own. We wanted to provide an effective, easy to use approach to face masks. We wanted to overcome the challenge of dried out skin, a scent was all natural, and most importantly convenient. What we came up with is our line of Shia Skin Clay Bars. Yes I said bar.  We've combined the benefits of the face masks with the convenience of a bar of soap without any of the chemicals. They are designed for multiple skin types, life stages and can be used multiple times a week. This gives you the ability to give yourself the spa like treatment you deserved regularly. Give them a try! www.shiaskin.com  



Be useful, be kind

-Team Shia

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