Love face masks but don't always have the time or want to deal with the mess? Introducing the latest in the face mask craze, Shia Milk Mask!
Our Masks are moisturizing and skin softening masks made in solid form so you can easily apply without all the fuss! The Daily Kiss has moisturizing, age defying, and oil absorbing benefits. Removing impurities and softening your skin in one quick step. This Mask will leave your skin feeling smooth and looking beautiful. Enriched with natural herbs, floral powders and skin enhancing essential oils. The Daily Kiss will definitely spark a little envy from those who don't know about your secret weapon. Will last up to 3 mos.

Net Weight 1.1oz

Shia Milk Mask ‘ Daily Kiss

  • Our signature Shia Milk Mask'! This bar was a labor of love. Don't get us wrong we put a lot of love in all of our products, but this one is special.  Loaded with Hibiscus, known as the "botox plant" known to be the most powerful anti-aging plant. A reputation for increasing skin elasticity, evens skin tone, and rich in antioxidants. This is the age defying bar that will nourish, hydrate, and firm your skin.  Take it in and watch your skin glow in appreciation.

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