We all have crazy busy schedules. Trying to get all the things we have to do and what we know we should do can be nearly impossible. At Shia Skin Care we are always looking to make it a little it easier when it comes to taking care of your skin....naturally of course! Our multifunctional facial wipes are the perfect comation of nourishment and covenience, The perfet way to refresh your skin after a brutal workout, on a long flight, or after a day at the beach.

3-Pack Sample Pack

  • A great way to try each one to find out which is best for you.


    Hydrating Hibiscus - Firming, Collagen boosting, Evens out skin tone

    Calming Calendula - Calms inflammation, Wound healling, Improves apperarance of your skin

    Luxurious Lavender - Soothing to irritated skin types and stressed skin, treats acne, improves circulation.

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