How to do a simple detox

Detox, detox,detox!!! We hear it all the time. Whether it's a cleanse, a fast, or you're just eliminating something from your diet. We've all tried this once or a thousand times, but how do we know if we're doing it right and does it have to be so dang hard?  We don't think so! 

Here at Shia Skin Care we're all about doing things in a simple and natural way. Whether we're creating multi purpose products or giving you quick and easy beauty tips. We believe that in taking care of your health, your skin will benefit greatly. We also know that life is crazy enough so let's try to simplify this important process for you. 


First of all detoxing your body is essential to your overall health and well being. It helps to cleanse and remove toxins from your body helping you function better overall. Eliminating toxins from the body can be done in many ways and can be done simply all year round. 


Restores balance to the body 

Boost immune system

Slows premature aging

Increases energy

Improves skin quality 


Drastically increase your water intake 

Start your day with a glass of warm water and fresh lemon juice

Replace one meal a day with a green smoothie

Eat organic when possible

Sweat Sweat Sweat

Cut out simple carbs, fried foods, white sugar

We've talked about this before so this will be quick. Increase your water intake! If you think you drink a lot of water increase that by at least 25%. You should be drinking at least half of your body weight, in ounces, in water daily. Water helps push the toxins through and out of your body. So just do it, drink up!

Smoothies! We've all had our fair share of smoothies but it's important that you're not loading them up with sugar. Just because you blended it up or grabbed something from your local smoothie chain doesn't mean you're getting the right stuff.  

Make these at home using fresh and organic fruits and veggies. Stick with leafy greens as a base and use water not dairy. If you want to make a richer smoothie with yogurt and all the fixins, that's fine, but start the day off with a simple green smoothie for a nice energy boost to kickstart your day. 

Simple Green Smoothie Recipe 

1-2 cups of organic spinach, kale, or collard greens

1/2 green apple

1 handful of organic parsley

1/2 fresh lemon juice

1 banana 

And water to your desired consistency 

This is just a guide. The idea is to have dark leafy greens for vitamins/minerals, banana for sweetness, potassium, and thickness, Apple for sweetness and natural fiber, parsley for skin regeneration and an anti inflammatory, and lemon juice to aid in diegestuon and detoxification. 

Eat Organic!  When doing a simple detox, you've got to do the simple things right. The point of a detox is to help rid your body of toxins. We take in toxins from just about everywhere, the environment, non-organic fruits and veggies, processed foods, prescription medication, and yes our cosmetics and skin care products. Choosing Organic foods assures that you're not eating pesticide laden foods. Remember the idea is to rid our bodies of toxins, not take in more of them. 

If going full Organic is too much to soon stick to the The Dirty Dozen It's a list of foods that you should always eat Organic versions when available. Check out for more details about the Dirty Dozen

Sweat!!! Yes even doing a simple detox you must workout. Sweating isn't just your body's personal cooling system it is a way for toxins to escape your body. Try Hot Yoga, Spin class, or your favorite workout. Just make sure you break a sweat. However you choose to get your sweat on, do it at least 2-3 times a week. Combining a good healthy sweat with these other tips is an effective way to do a simple detox. Also as a bonus it helps boost your body's circulation which gives your skin a nice natural glow. 

As with most things there's no one stop solution for truly effective results. Just drinking juice or fasting isn't enough, sure it may give your diegestive system a bit of a break and you may lose a few pounds. However the idea is to cleanse and purify, that take a few extra steps. So try it out and start this Spring anew.....from the inside out. 

Be comfortable in your skin

-Team Shia

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