What do you know about Clary Sage?

This month is going to be all about some of our favorite Essential Oils and giving you guys a little information about them. If you follow us on Instagram @shiaskin last Thursday's Beauty Tip was all about Clary Sage.

I'm aware that Clary Sage probably isn't part of one's daily vocabulary, but if you've seen Clary Sage mentioned in other blogs, DIY posts, Pinterest, etc You've at least heard about it but may not know that much about Clary Sage.

And this is where this blog post comes in! We'll discuss the plant's history, its Therapeutic actions, its Energetic properties and some safety information so you can know a little more about this mysterious plant.


Clary Sage is a medium sized perennial or biennial that can grow up to 2-3 feet. It's Native to Mediterranean countries. It grows well in loose dry soil and is cultivated in Central Europe, England, Morocco, the US and parts of the former Soviet Republic. The English name Clary comes from the latin name sclarea, derived from clarus meaning clear. Clary Sage has been called the "Clear Eye" due to the effects the infused seeds have for clearing the sight from any irritation or infection.

Now I understand that none of you were looking to make sense of Latin, however it is important to know the latin name of the plant because when purchasing Essential Oils, authentic oils will always have the latin name listed on the bottle. This tells you what plant the essential oil comes from and that you are purchasing genuine and authentic essential oils. See our blog, "How Essential is that Essential oil" to learn about how to shop for Essential Oils.


  • Hormone balancer

  • Euphoric

  • Aphrodisiac

  • Antidepressant

  • Antispasmodic

  • Central Nervous System Relaxant

As a hormone balancer Clary Sage helps with menstrual cycle irregularities, PMS related issues, hot flashes, night sweats, hormone irrability and imbalance.

As a Euphoric and Antidepressant, Clary Sage is calming, good for anger, mental fatigue, and nervous anxiety. It calms hyperactivity, and imbalanced emotional states.

As an aphrodisiac Clary Sage is said to help with sexual problems and exhaustion for feelings of being overworked.

As a Central Nervous System Relaxant Clary Sage is a sedative and nerve tonic especially when Nervous System is exhausted, helps with tension, migraines, headaches, and insomnia.

Clary Sage also works well as a muscle relaxant for aches, pains, spasms, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, and sciatica.


As you can see Clary Sage is a powerful Essential Oil, but now that we've learned all about what it can do for our body and mind overall we'd be remiss to not highlight how Clary Sage works for effective skin care.

A lot of what has been highlighted above has centered on Clary Sage's ability to help with stress and anxiety. More often than not how we are feeling can present itself on our skin. It's no surprise then that Clary Sage is effective with eczema caused by stress and inflamed skin

conditions. Clary Sage is also great for balancing excessive sebum production which can cause acne and by soothing the skin it can help with mature skin and wrinkles. Clary Sage has a sweet, nutty, floral, and earthy aromas.


So with Essential Oils there's always an aromatic benefit. Our sense of smell is extremely powerful, it can bring back good memories, remind us of an amazing meal, and make us think of someone special. This is what is meant by energy, how it makes one feel and the energy it brings to the body. Now there's a much more in depth discussion that could be had about energy work, chakras, and Tradition Chinese Medicine but we're just going to stay in our lane here. Clary Sage is said to draw out feelings of aspirations, and euphoria aids in relaxation, can get one "unstuck", and put a person in touch with their dreams.


As with all Essential Oils there's some safety information that people should be aware of. Remember Essential Oils have chemical constituents which occur naturally in the plant that we should be aware of. It is recommended that women who are in their first trimester or experiencing an unstable pregnancy should avoid using Clary Sage in

high dosages. Additionally it may increase the effects of alcohol and pain medications so one should always be careful using essential oils and consult an established practitioner when incorporating Essential Oils as a complementary practice.

Here at Shia Essential Oils are apart of our foundation in how we craft blends to incorporate into our skin care products. We believe they improve the efficacy and strengthen our products. Go visit our website www.shiaskin.com, follow us on Instagram @shiaskin, and sign up for updates to follow the blog. We hope you're enjoying the blog and stay tuned for next week's, it's all about Frankincense!

Be comfortable in your skin

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