Shia Skin Care
Empowering you to always,
Be comfortable in your skin...

For Women and Men who are open to natural products but not sure they're as effective. Shia Skin Care is the natural skin care brand that nourishes and moisturizes your skin just the way nature intended. Shia Skin Care uses the gentlest & natural ingredients to create homemade herbal infusions and unique blends of oils combining milks and butters that are perfect for your skin, so that your skin is soft and glows with health and natural beauty.

We provide truly natural, carefully crafted, and effective ingredients.  Take back control and be comfortable in your skin.


Be comfortable in your skin

-Team Shia




15 years ago a friend introduced me to an at home body scrub she used from time to time. It was simple,  just Epsom salt and baby oil.  I think about that now and I smile because of how little I understood and how I think about these things now. That experience opened my eyes to the possibilities of DIY skincare. Who would have known that all these years later I'd be the owner of Shia Skin Care an All Natural Beauty Brand and tackling far more than scrubs.


In the years since I've study and practiced Aromatherapy and in 2014 I became a Certified Aromatherapist. Dedicating the last 4 years to developing a natural beauty brand that speaks to the needs and challenges of us all. I believe multi-functional and quality skincare can be 100% natural and still be effective.  I want everyone to see that natural skin is healthy skin, healthy skin is beautiful skin and makeup or no makeup you can always.....


Be comfortable in your skin

xoxo Natashia


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