The Story of our Ingredients



Mountain Rose Herbs is where we get most of our ingredients from our clays, natural butter, herbs, carrier oils, and more. Founded in 1987 originally as a mail order herbal business the company grew through the vision of Julie Bailey an herbalist, amongst other things. Her desire for ethical harvesting practices was the most the motivation behind Mountain Rose Herbs adopting rigorous guidelines and practices of ethical wild harvesting. These practices ensures that their products are of the highest quality for the consumer and for the soil. Their commitment to their overall mission and goals is just one of the many reasons here at Shia Skin Care we chooses their products for our products. We continued to be impressed by their dedication and transparency and just thought you should know a little bit about them.

Fun Facts:

•They were the first company to offer a line of fair trade certified medicinal herbs in

the U.S.

• They have the highest quality of herbs on the market according to herbalists,

students, and natural health store.

•97% of their products are certified organic

•Only company in the herbal industry with a strict organic emphasis

• They have an amazing company culture of giving back to the community through

donations, volunteer programs, a zero waste program, and a strong commitment to




StillPoint Aromatics is where we source our essential oils for our Essential Oil blends.

At StillPoint Aromatics they believe in quality overall! Co-founded in 2010 by two educators this company believes in providing the purest therapeutic quality essential oils. They hold a great deal of respect and honor for the plant, the farmer, and the distillation process. All of their oils are genuine and authentic.

A growing interest in essential oils have brought many types of "essential oils" to the market place. Understanding Essential oils through the founders we know that the quality of the oils, what parts are used, and how they are distilled are major components to the benefits one receives from using the oils. At Shia Skin Care we do not cut corners in cultivating the right oils for our products. There is no substitute for quality.

Fun Facts:

•They offer truly authentic oils, meaning nothing has been added or removed natural

or otherwise

•All of their oils are stored in cold storage to ensure freshness and reduce oxidation

• They take the time to sample different versions of oils from various location to

provide the highest quality

•All of their oils are either certified organic, wild harvested, unsprayed, and/or bio-

dynamically farmed

•They have over 170 pure therapeutic quality essential oils

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Our Promise

At Shia Skin Care we believe our products are truly the best thing for your skin. How do we know? We make sure to use the best of the best. What does that mean?


Our vendors have the highest standards for their ingredients, down to where they are sourced, how they are maintained, how they are farmed and harvested. We took great care in finding these amazing vendors so that we can put the purest ingredients into our products and we want you to know about them.

Our mission is to provide only all natural products without exception.
We believe that you can achieve beautifully healthy looking skin without unknown and harmful ingredients.  We will always work hard to create a skin care line that upholds our promise to you.
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