Our signature product is our Shia Milk Mask. These are daily & weekly compact liquid free face mask.  Our Milk Masks are a daily cleansing bar that can be used to fight and prevent acne, balance skin, improve skin tone, exfoliate and moisturize your skin. Our unique recipes combines nourishing and therapeutic benefits to the skin. Utilizing the many benefits of clays herbs, herbal powders and infusions, just to name a few. 


We've created a unique and convenient opportunity  you to naturally take care of your skin.  Our Masks are multifunctional, naturally scented, and most importantly, truly all natural!  We use the purest forms of clay and when available we use certified organic ingredients.

soooooo.....give us a try!

Shia Milk Mask' Get Out

$48.00Regular Price$43.20Sale Price

Shia Milk Mask ‘ Daily Kiss

$42.00Regular Price$37.80Sale Price

Shia Milk Mask’ Fresh n Clean

$42.00Regular Price$37.80Sale Price

Shia Milk Mask' Glowin'

$45.00Regular Price$40.50Sale Price

Shia Milk Mask ‘Skin Quench

$39.00Regular Price$35.10Sale Price

Shia Milk Mask ‘Attack’ne

$40.00Regular Price$36.00Sale Price
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