March 17, 2017

Where to being with this exceptional Essential Oil? At Shia we are quite fond of this one, It's a love affair really. 

Beyond the tales of Cleopatra's extravagant use of Frankincense, it once being more valuable than gold, or the Ancient Egyptian women using it to make kohl,(black powder used to paint their eyelids black), Frankincense has a romantic story to tell and it does wonders for your skin!


There are five different species of Frankincense.  Boswellia Sacra, which is the type we'll discuss here, is a small shrubby tree that can grow up to 25 feet. It's highly aromatic due to the resin contained throughou...

March 15, 2016

Mirror Mirror one the wall who's the fairest of them all? Face masks....where to start?  Face masks have taken over the conversation these days. You can't open a magazine or walk into a drugstore without running into 500 types of face masks. They are everywhere (we've tried most of them) The peel off, the one time use, the ready to use creams, the DIY, or you just go to the spa, you name it we tried it! Who can resist a spa like treatment that is the face mask! They're relaxing, fun to do with friends, and darn effective. 

But seriously where do you start??? Ok so you know your skin type, then you move on...

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