September 10, 2017

We've discussed how eating the right foods can benefit your skin. Well just like the changing of the seasons, it's a good rule of thumb to change up what you eat seasonally as well.  Here are the Summer Beauty Foods that will keep you satiated and keep your skin healthy. 


There are many reasons to love Summertime but cherries takes that love to a whole new level!  Besides just simply being delicious they pack quite the nutrient punch!

  • Contains Quercetin, which is an antioxidant that prevents UV damage and is important for blocking wrinkles caused by inflammation & reduces redness

  • Contains Anthocyanins (pigment molecules) hel...

September 5, 2017

Among all things to look forward to, the end of Summer is never one of them. The end of Summer brings the end of beach days and extended vacations, and brings on the daily routine of work, meetings, school, and after school programs. All of that just means added stress to the mix. Often we juggle all of this without a second thought, mostly of it necessity.

However our bodies are very much aware of all that we do and ,try to do. Eventually the stress shows itself and it's almost always on the skin.  Acne, Excema, Wrinkles, or Sagging skin it's almost always stress related. So since we can't send you an asisstant or clone you, we...

June 11, 2017

Summer skincare is incredibly important. We need to protect it from the sun daily, keep it moisturized after a long day at the beach, and keep it looking fresh for all those selfies. 

How do we do it!  There are plenty of products on the market for every area of skincare, however it is Summertime and we want to keep things simple. 

Just remember Protect, Moisturize, and Rejuevenate. Cleansing is important but In this blog we won't touch on that aspect of skincare. We all know that we need to cleanse and we have many ways of doing so. 

Incorporating the above mentioned aspects into our routines naturally can seem a tad overwhelming....

April 6, 2017

Spring is here!!!!!

Here at Shia Skin Care we get very excited about Springtime. Since we're based in NYC Springtime is incredibly exciting! The sun is finally out, the heavy layers can come off, and It's Ole Man Winter's turn to hibernate! 

Spring is all about rejuvenation! Out with the old and in with the new. It's a great time to cleanse and detox the body and the mind. Spring is a new beginning, so if you've been looking for new ways to spruce up your skin care routine Springtime is always the right time!!


We know that there's quite a bit of information, tips, and trends out there about how to transition your bea...

March 24, 2017

Another week and another beautiful Essential Oil to discuss. Alright, first things's pronounced ee-lang ee-lang. It's a tropical aromatic tree which originated in the Philippines and has now spread throughout Tropical Asia. It's also known as the flowers of flowers.


Ylang Ylang (Cananga Odorata)is used for many things. On the Hawaiian Islands it's mixed with coconut oil to create a mixture they call 'borriborri' which is rubbed onto the body for its aroma and protective abilities. The mixture is also used to protect women's hair from the sea salt. Ylang Ylang has been called the poorman's Jasmine....

March 2, 2017

Aromatherapy can be a mysterious subject to fully understand. When I first became interested in it I only knew it to be something associated pretty smelling candles. So like with most things I bought a book, yes I'm a nerd.  Now I will try to not get too technical because I'm sure not everyone is willing to go down that rabbit hole with me.

I will say this, it's definitely more than candles and pretty smells. Aromatherapy is the holistic therapeutic application of genuine essential oils for enhancing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of the individual. 

Top reasons people see an Aromather...

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