April 30, 2018

Everyone's heard of it, and we all know it's the go to for sunburns, cuts and scrapes. However It isn't the first thing that comes up when people talk about skin care! 

Seeing how we love all things natural here at Shia, we are definitely taken with Aloe Vera! On our journey of discovery we've uncovered some surprising and obvious skin care benefits of this amazing household plant. 

Here's the Skinny!

Outside of its medicinal purposes, Aloe Vera does wonders for your skin! Aloe Vera Moisturizes/hydrates, fights acne, great for sensitive skin, and fights aging! Aloe Vera's best kept secrets..... it's the easiest house plant to mainta...

October 8, 2017

The last few blog posts have been all about incorporating oil into your skin care routine. Every oil that we've highlighted are beautiful options for your skin and in this last and final post in the series we've save the random and most interesting for last. Maybe you've heard of these oils and maybe you haven't but after reading this you'll have no excuses! However we hopefully would have changed your perspective a little and given you something to consider. 


Nicknamed the "elephant tree" for the attraction its fruits exert on them, who have no qualms about uprooting it to get to the fruit.  Marula oil produces an oil t...

April 6, 2017

Spring is here!!!!!

Here at Shia Skin Care we get very excited about Springtime. Since we're based in NYC Springtime is incredibly exciting! The sun is finally out, the heavy layers can come off, and It's Ole Man Winter's turn to hibernate! 

Spring is all about rejuvenation! Out with the old and in with the new. It's a great time to cleanse and detox the body and the mind. Spring is a new beginning, so if you've been looking for new ways to spruce up your skin care routine Springtime is always the right time!!


We know that there's quite a bit of information, tips, and trends out there about how to transition your bea...

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