April 30, 2018

Everyone's heard of it, and we all know it's the go to for sunburns, cuts and scrapes. However It isn't the first thing that comes up when people talk about skin care! 

Seeing how we love all things natural here at Shia, we are definitely taken with Aloe Vera! On our journey of discovery we've uncovered some surprising and obvious skin care benefits of this amazing household plant. 

Here's the Skinny!

Outside of its medicinal purposes, Aloe Vera does wonders for your skin! Aloe Vera Moisturizes/hydrates, fights acne, great for sensitive skin, and fights aging! Aloe Vera's best kept secrets..... it's the easiest house plant to mainta...

October 22, 2017

Of anytime of the year, this is the time to not take yourself too seriously, it's Halloween! It's time for tricks, treats, and fun costumes! We often, during this time, throw all rules out the window and just let loose. However in keeping with our natural vibe, this year we thought we'd look into how to do Halloween Naturally......when it comes to makeup, of course!  

We researched brands out there that are still having fun but trying to leave the chemicals out of it. You could say, "hey it's only one night", but if you have little Munchkins at home it could be all month long.  From school functions, parties, and of course the nig...

October 14, 2017

We might not immediately think of tea when it comes to our skin care routine, however incorporating herbal teas can be incredibly beneficial.  Herbal teas have many medicinial benefits, they're the first thing we reach for when we have a cold or flu, but did you know that they have many skin care benefits as well? Yup, it's true! From combating wrinkles to preventing the breakdown of collagen and elastin in your skin.  Here are the 7 must have tea that everyone who cares about the health of their skin should have in the arsenal. 


Beautifully aromatic tea Chamomile protects your skin from sun damage due to its high con...

October 8, 2017

The last few blog posts have been all about incorporating oil into your skin care routine. Every oil that we've highlighted are beautiful options for your skin and in this last and final post in the series we've save the random and most interesting for last. Maybe you've heard of these oils and maybe you haven't but after reading this you'll have no excuses! However we hopefully would have changed your perspective a little and given you something to consider. 


Nicknamed the "elephant tree" for the attraction its fruits exert on them, who have no qualms about uprooting it to get to the fruit.  Marula oil produces an oil t...

October 2, 2017

In last week's blog we began talking about how using oils on your face isn't a crazy idea and which ones to consider. This week we'll continue on the same path; introducing other unexpected oils into your vocabulary. Let's get right to it!


This has concentrated levels of Vitamin E, Carotenoids ( gives the fruit or vegetable its vibrant color), and anti-radical compounds. The daily application of this oil helps to prevent the onset of the marks of ageing and counters the often excessively quick dehydration of mature skin. It also brings relief to skin that has been exposed to the sun for too long.  


September 24, 2017

Right now using Face Oils are all the rage; but in my Great Grandmother's day this was how they moisturized and treated their skin.  It wasn't a scary concept and it definitely wasn't a no-no! 

I know there are people out they're,(all my acne prone and oily skin types,) who will likely want to debate this point. To their point, they aren't wrong but it also doesn't make them right.

Yes I know I just confused you, but hear me out.

Just because our a great Grandmother's used Oil to moisturize their skin doesn't mean that the oil they chose is right for our skin type. Genetics are a powerful thing yet it doesn't mean we have the same s...

September 17, 2017

'Tis the season once again for change. Changing of the leaves, changing of the fashion, and yes time to switch up your skin care routine. Every season your skin calls for something different, whether it's more moisture when the weather is drier or protection when the sun is its strongest.  We need to always be mindful of our skin's needs and nurture it naturally.....it is the Shia way!

Fall is this beautifully unpredictable season. Just when you think it's time to pull out the scarfs and sweaters, the next day you're in desperate need of some sunscreen and a good pair of shades. The weather can be all over the place but it doesn't...

September 11, 2017

Living in a climate where the seasons come and go, letting go of Summer can feel a little deflating. Gone are the long days and warm nights. That bounce in your step you had in the mornings is replaced with the urge to pull the covers over your head and scream "I don't wanna!!!" 

Well just like that didn't work for us as kids it won't work for us now. However, back then it was easy to face the world all perky and fresh faced because our skin was the definition of youthful. These days, we've got to put a little work in. 

We've discussed before how eating the right foods can benefit your skin. Well just like the changing of the seaso...

September 10, 2017

We've discussed how eating the right foods can benefit your skin. Well just like the changing of the seasons, it's a good rule of thumb to change up what you eat seasonally as well.  Here are the Summer Beauty Foods that will keep you satiated and keep your skin healthy. 


There are many reasons to love Summertime but cherries takes that love to a whole new level!  Besides just simply being delicious they pack quite the nutrient punch!

  • Contains Quercetin, which is an antioxidant that prevents UV damage and is important for blocking wrinkles caused by inflammation & reduces redness

  • Contains Anthocyanins (pigment molecules) hel...

September 5, 2017

Among all things to look forward to, the end of Summer is never one of them. The end of Summer brings the end of beach days and extended vacations, and brings on the daily routine of work, meetings, school, and after school programs. All of that just means added stress to the mix. Often we juggle all of this without a second thought, mostly of it necessity.

However our bodies are very much aware of all that we do and ,try to do. Eventually the stress shows itself and it's almost always on the skin.  Acne, Excema, Wrinkles, or Sagging skin it's almost always stress related. So since we can't send you an asisstant or clone you, we...

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